Canneth Vendetta

“Canneth Vendetta”
A Hand Crossbow that grows in power with its wielder, The Warforged Rogue of Canneth.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

INT: 14
WIS: 30
CHA: 8
EGO: 12

The faintly glowing runes on this arm-attached Hand Crossbow spell out the last names of the Masters of the Creation House of Canneth. They dim in the presence of the clergy of Ilmater and Pelor, but become visibly blue and inflamed when within 30ft of either god’s avatar.

The spirits of the weapon are the Founders of the House Canneth; Alfred, Connor, H, and L Canneth. These are the brothers of The Warforged.

The wielder of this Hand Crossbow receives a 2 Diplomacy, Intimidation, Bluff, and Hide checks against members of the Churches of Pelor and Ilmater. Canneth Vendetta, however, also recalls all the pain and suffering causing its name-sake, therefore once-per-day its wielder must succeed a Will Save DC (20Number of Failures), or act to kill the first vulnerable person involved in the “Liberation of the Warforged.”

Lvl 5: Smite Chaos: You can attempt to smite a chaotic opponent once per day. You gain an additional smite per day at levels 9, 13, and 17. This smite attempts adds your INT bonus (if any) to the attack’s damage roll rather than your CHA bonus.

Lvl 6: +1 Hand Crossbow

Lvl 7: Vendetta 1: Once per day, you may make a Knowledge check relating to one opponent within 30ft of you. The DC for a successful check is (10creature’s HD+creature’s CHA), and lends you knowledge if any wrongdoings they have yet to be “Punished” for. This insight grants you a 1 bonus on all attack and damage rolls (Per Dice) against all creatures that share a type with the opponent for the day. This does not require an action. At lvl 10, the bonus becomes +2, at lvl 14 +3, and at lvl 19 the DC decreases to (8Creature’s HD) and gives you a +4.

Knowledge Check is per enemy type:
The Planes for Outsiders
Nature for Magical Beasts
Dungeoneering for Aberrations
Arcana for Elementals
Religion for Undead and Immortals
History for any creature of significant lore.

lvl 11: +2 Self-Loading Crossbow.

lvl 16: +3 Rapid Self-Loading Crossbow.

lvl 18: +4 Rapid Self-Loading Crossbow.

lvl 20: +5 Bane Rapid Self-Loading Crossbow.

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Canneth Vendetta

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