Oliver {Kaean} Venor

A level 9 Ehlonna-born Elven Swordsage


Class Swordsage 7 Dragon Slayer 1
Age 132
Race God Born {Wood Elf}
Size Medium
Hair Blond
Eyes Green
Height 5’ 2"
Weight 175
Gender Male
Alignment Neutral Good
Skin White

Humanoid form HP 88 AC 31
STR 14
DEX 16
CON 16
INT 16
WIS 16
CHA 12

Bear form HP 132 AC 21
STR 27
DEX 18
CON 24
INT 16
WIS 16
CHA 12

Hybrid form HP 72
STR 17
CON 14
INT 16
WIS 16
CHA 12

Climb 5
Control Shape 20
Craft Weapons 6
Handle Animal 8
Hide 9
Knowledge Nature 10
Listen 10
Move Silent 9
Ride 8
Spot 10
Swim 4
Survival 10

Oaken Shaft (composite longbow) + 11 1D8 critical 20 X3
Dagger 10 1D4 critical 19-20 X2
Daria (Adamantine Blood Iron long sword Bane of Chromatic Dragons and Arcane creatures) +11 1D8 critical 19-20 X2
Claw +15 1D8 +8 critical 20 X2
Bite +15 2D6
4 critical 20 X 2

Weapon Finesse
Resist Dragon Fear
Iron Will

Favored enemies
Undead +2

Wild empathy
Bear empathy
Combat style Archery


Protective gear
Mythril chain shirt
Heavy iron shield

Ring of Sustenance
Field Previsions Box
Cap of Control Shape +10

Silver 9
Gold 149


Oliver is the child of the goddess Ehlonna and a Wood Elf. He grew up in the wood elf settlement, a nomadic people in the region of Wicilidia. He spent several years in the Beast lands going through the last leg of his ranger training their. After completion of his training he went back to the material plan and got on his first big hunt. Along the way he found an injured silver Wyrming that he named Kyriu whom he nursed back to health. After he completed his hunt Kyriu had taken flight only to be snatched by a chromatic dragon before he could return to Oliver and brought to the wild lands Oliver gave chase and spent many years hunting. Along his journey for Kyriu he ran into a group dealing with a cult of Drow worshiping the beast god. They were ultimately successful in their endeavor but when he began his chase to find Kyriu again he fell from the sky to the party at dusk.

After an interrogation he seduced his way out of he was dropped into a meeting of the high clerics by boccoobs high cleric where he meet up with the party after being excused by the lady of pain. He has just recently been afflicted with Ursine Lycanthropy, and married to a Star Elf he knocked up by the name of Ruby Cross . After the dark lords attacking Oliver suffered from a horrific nightmare, He recovered from his condition after half a day. He called home to his father answering finding out he had been gone for fifty years, He was in shock and told after a minute told his father he was married to which lead to punishment from his whole clan. He realized that Kyriu had been being held for fifty years by what he learned was now a flight of hybrid red and blue dragons he scrambles to find any information he can to get an edge in the confrontation to come.

At the edge of despair and rising from the ashes of a defeat at Crog the beast king of apes. Oliver now seeks the chance to prove himself as a hero and even a leader rising to any challenge that he well be faced with. Separated from the party Oliver now ran for the city of Ehlonna seeking safety he arrived in escort finding the city with out leadership or military defense. After being thrusted into his mothers throne he set his own reasons from coming to Kron involving Kyriu aside to help in what ever way he could but the wait of so many people depending on him may be to much to bear as he struggles to save the people he has sworn to protect now.

Oliver {Kaean} Venor

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