Legacy of Rot

Dawn of the Second Shard

On the path to Bythiel...

From the desk of the GM

Weather and Stillness follow our heroes as they travel toward another shard. But on their way, the King of Beasts, in form of a Ocarina playing Tiger-man steps into their path, seeking his ‘brother’.
Sidetracked by a wounded soldier, the party is delayed further from their goal, but soon regains ground as they approached the northern sea.
A familiar voice welcomes their approach as the whole town is lost to Dua Lema’s song (As well as most of the party), but still our Heroes procure a ship and passage with a strange payment in stow.
Waters churning, and a challenge delivered, Dua leaps into the jaws of the Titan of the seas, the Leviathan itself, Cannith following quick after, the fate of his mission hung on a thread thin chance of survival.
The carnage unleashed below the waters is matched only by the the driven warrior on deck of the ship, fighting with all his heart to return to his friend’s aid.
At last all is clam, both above and below the waves, nothing stirs at the ocean floor in the darkness and the cold as Sart’vith descends into the frey, finding only Dua, still locked in combat with a lingering shark.
On shore, our Heroes reconvene and set out to the Shard’s location, as well as their Rogue friend’s whereabouts. But both in turn find their paths strange and in one case, long winded. The wisdom of yet another Beast Kind freely bestowed upon them all as well as the inquiries of an interested Metallic Dragon. But once more the party is reunited and down into the waters they descend.
What awaits them within the walls of the Water Elves’ Temple? And where are the enemy whom always seemed one step ahead?
Meanwhile a Single star glimmers alone in the tainted twilight sky, shrouded by the crimson clouds, what sign could this single flicker signal?



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