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History of Preiniell

End of the Troubled Age: While the gods, now mostly stripped of their powers, waged war threatening to bring the world to ruin, A small collection of Clerics, Wizards, Sorcerers and other casters began devising a plan to end the bloody rampage once and for all. In secret, this band of fourteen discovered a spell to open a portal threw space and time, back to the war between the Primevals and the Gods whom now destroyed their homes. Threw grate peril to themselves and the loss of three companions to Quarut Inevitables, they completed their ritual and returned to the primal world. There they encountered a Wounded and Dying Primeval, and Grasping its body, stole its power from its fading shell. Returning to their own time, the newly empowered casters quickly took the gods by surprise, and taking advantage of their hesitation, rebuked them back to their own realms. However, as the people of the world rushed to embrace their new saviors, they found instead a pack of tyrants, calling themselves the Darklords. And their rein, it seemed, would be eternal.

The World’s New Dawn: With the world under the thumb of the Darklords, the Triadic Church searched a way to free Neohumanity from tyranny without provoking the attentions of the other gods. They came upon a small band of Orphans, The Darklord, Vecna, has reined her wrath upon their town in response to their refusal to kneel willingly to his whims. These misfit children were then blessed with the Triad’s Sigils, The Flesh of the Martyr, The Blood of the Crusader, and the Bones of the Saint. After their first attempts to repulse their Tyranical overlords failed, and upon finding it impossible for them to end even the weakest of their numbers’ lives, they saught out another way to free themselves. With a the aid of a Marut Ineviatble, the band found the source of the Darklords’ power, and at the cost of their own lives, removed their enemies from the world, placing them in a never ending sleep deep within the Underdark. Yet followers of the Darklords were rumored to begin searching for a way to awaken their fallen lords once the truth had reached them.

The Time of Blood: The Darklords, remembered vaguely in myths and lore were believed JUST that, fantasy, a child’s bad dream, and nothing more. But they began to stir from their long slumbers, and once more they plunged an unsuspecting world into chaos and ruin. From their dark citadels hordes of horrors poured forth into the world bringing the unwavering attentions of the Triadic Church down upon them once more. A Legion was chosen of the most unlikely of commoners, twenty strong they, the branded ones, marched out into the horror to cleanse that lands of their foul overlords once and for all. Many years passed as the heroes waged what seemed an unwinnable battle, until at last, The Triad’s call for aid was answered by another alliance of gods, together they created a force to rival the Darklords, The Council of Nine. With their Aid, the Darklords were repulsed and seemingly destroyed, but the damage was done, a great rift had been opened, one which Vlad Drakov, the Strongest of the Darklords gave his life to force upon the world with his dying breath. Once twenty strong, now only a single man remained at the maw of this, the final curse of the Darklord’s, His name forgotten as well as how he managed to seal the Rift.

Kingdom of the Deathless: With the Aid of the Council of Nine to aid them, Neohumanity rebuilt their lost realms. But even under the vigilant watch of the Council, darkness seeped its way back into the world’s heart. A new group of Darklord’s emerged to claim their supposed birthright, and held the world itself hostage, keeping the Council from acting to stop them. “Thirty Days!” was their declaration, “Either slay us, or obey us, or in thirty days with world shall be not but ruble and ash! There are other worlds we may conquer after all.” With those words, they called forth a Ruined Plane to be hurtled at Preiniell. Unable to act, the Council of Nine elected Four Paladins whom best represented the strengths of the Noehuman races. On the thirtyith day, the new Darklords fled having been defeated by these champions, whom now possessed what appeared to be power to rival their patron gods and have not been heard from again. Miraculously, when the ruined Plane collided with Preinell, the two were merged by an unseen and unname power, expanding the borders of their collective self opening three portals, one into the Outlands, one into the Wild Planes, and one into Mechanus.

Legacy of Rot: Preiniell is now a world in a time of unsettling quiet between the gods where even the citizens of the world can feel the coming of a new time of troubles. The Leviathan and Tarrasque have been waking from their slumbers more frequently than natural, forcing the early development of magical machines meant for raising barriers over whole cities. while the devastation the two titans scar the very world around them, leaving next to nothing for Neohuanity outside of their city walls. Finally, after acquiring approval from their creatures, the Council of Nine moved into action, repelling the Beasts and Enforcing the barriers of the Capital Cities of each Kingdom. Now Save behind their barriers, live returned to a more peaceful and carefree state. However, recently the miasma of the swamps and marshes of Preiniell have begun to spread, and the number of undead has begun to increase along with it. Some fear the return of the Darklords, and some fear that this time there will be no way of stopping them.

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