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Asalilia is region in the northeastern part of Preiniell, and is home to the Patron Cities of Obai and Ebony, Obad-Hai and Vecna ’s cities respectively. Other cities in the region are Plenic, Clinadre, Willic, Trin, Vix, and Senet. It shares its regional borders with Bythiel to the north, Hailalind to the west, Kairag to the south, and Andraamma across the Ocean to the east.


Asalilia is surrounded on its northern border by the <insert name="true"> Sea, and on its eastern coast the <insert name="true"> Ocean. To the west lies the <insert name="true"> Mountain ranges, and the <insert name="true"> Range lies to the west of Ebony. Obai sits on the island of <insert name="true">.

It is rumored that it was in this region that the House Canneth housed its main Soul Forges, where so many Warforged were created (including the PC The Warforged). This is where the history of the region will be written.


The Elven Kingdom was seated in this region over a thousand years ago, before the Fallen Paladin of Pelor, Tristan Belmont the Elder, failed to complete his last mission and instead caused “The Darkest Day”.

Seven Years ago, the forces of Pelor and Ilmater marched against the main stronghold of House Canneth, annihilating the House and creating “Warforged Liberation Day”.

This is where the lore and legends of the region will be written.


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