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Andraamma is the westernmost region of Preiniell. It is bordered by a contiguous mountain range, making it difficult to enter on foot. Andraamma is home to Bissel, the Patron City of Rao, Flanaess, the Patron City of Heironeous, Razalma, the Patron City of Behamut, and Rareih, Patron City of Tiamat. Other cities of interest are Vicer, Wess, Alma, Egrin, and Crevs. It shares its regional borders with Dweagan to the northeast, Ocietram and Faukin to the east, and Asalilia across the Ocean to the west.


The mountains surrounding Andraamma are only passable by either flight or through the passes near Crevs, Rareih, Vicer, Bissel, the Capital, and Wess.


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