Legacy of Rot

The First Finding.

What's more important; the shard, or his wife?

From the GM:
THIS is the tale, thus far…..
Panic quickly turns to military order as the impact of the Dark Lords is felt for the first time in years, Nerull ascends to his ultimate dream, only to have to snatched away from him moments later. Aria’s pure light, once brilliant, now emanates a darkness unlike any evil,
Our heroes made to rethink their strategies and reconsider their allies.
As the lord of death is stolen, two dragons descend upon the city of the dead, one out of concern, the other from pursuit,
And in that time, a darkness approaches the radiant city of the sun.
Belmont was his name, a paladin of such darkness that Pelor’s holy light could not cut threw to the man’s heart for long, Belmont is the name that carries the weight of blood even still in the glimmering city. But what reason does the latest Belmont have to come seek the council of the sun god’s proxy?
Rekindled in their determination, our heroes set out to salvage the shard of darkness nearest them. A perilous climb, and a few mischosen words later, the doors swing wide and into the darkness they dive.
Within the tunnel, a guardian is crossed, hesitant to attack at first, it is reminded of its duty and lashes out. But pure ferocity outmatched the beast’s cunning in the darkness.
Now voices echo softly from farther into the dark, what awaits at the end of this passage? Who will reach the shard first? Will the enemy begin the final stage of their fiendish plan before the gods can be rescued? Will the Warforged ever take off his tophat?”

In secret, The Warforged has pledged his full allegiance to Lloren and Aria, and has explained to them his wishes to reconstruct the Warforged Army House Canneth was amassing so long ago. With rings emblazoned with a modified version of the house Crest, it has theorized that any door locked with the crest will now be opened to the party, and if so chosen, could be resealed with the new signet rings, thereby protected from prying thieves and looters afterward. With renewed purpose, The Warforged sets out in aide to the band, hoping against hope that corrupted power (and reputations) can be reclaimed for the greater good.



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